Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Here comes the sun...

I want to talk about music. Recently I bought Abby Road, downloaded Help!, Sargent Peppers, Revolver and many other bands but The Beatles transition from Help! to a later record like Abbey Road is big. If you here the record Help!, and more specifically the song "Act Naturally" in which George Harrison says he is going to be in a movie in which he doesn't have to act because the part is of a sad and lonely man. So he acts naturally. Of coarse he wasn't in a flick like that but he was using that song as a vessel for him to say that he is sad and lonely. But in any case the song was made early in their carrier and it was very early '60s rock. The standard progressions ans chords the were popular. The song it actually very predictable and a novice in learning and figuring out music could easily see how the song in set up.
Now jump about 10 yrs later, Abbey Road's first track is a very well know one. "Come Together" and every one says it mean something different...even Paul and Ringo say it means something different. But the song is a really good example of the growth of our favorite band from Jolly ol' England. England...tea and crumpets, fish and chips, Big Ben, bad food and worse weather. Jolly ol' England. Come Together had cool and interesting transition of which had slight changes thought out the song. If you listen to "Act Naturally" and "Come Together" there is no doubt that they are both quality songs and deserve a listening. And also there is no doubt that they are very different.
Now I said all of that to show the change in the band. What coudl have changed them so? Was it loves gone? Was it just the natural coasre of them aging? Was it them experimenting with drugs like acid, changing the way they made songs? Because the song "Come Together" is a very odd and trippy song (I suggest getting high and listening to it!) drugs is a very likely anwser.
What do you think?

After The Beatles broke up they all made things afterwards. George Harrison went solo and stuck to his old antics like in the song "Oh! Darling" and made songs like that. Ringo Starr didn't do anything of mention...so I won't mention it...though I will say he has gone insane. I blame the acid. John Lennon...personally my favorite Beatle. He married Yoko Ono and went solo. Making great records and singles. Like the record Instant Karma and Mind Games. THose records can blow your minds if you are into them. He attended many peace rallies and made songs like "Give Peace a chance" and "Power to the people". And one of my favorate things he said was "If everyone demanded peace instead of another television...there would be peace." Sadly he was killed before his time. And now we have come Paul. He is by far the most accomplished. He formed Wings, made a song that was featured in a James Bond film, Live or Let Die. And has made many records as a solo artist. Just recently he came out with Memory Almost Full. This record is available on iTunes and is a great record. The song "Dance Tonight" is featured on a a commercial for iTunes, in which Paul is playing a mandolin and is stomping his feet. I suggest picking up a copy.

Monday, April 09, 2007


Radar Love

I have heard all kinds of different takes on love and love at first sight.

Some say that love at first sight isn't real and is just a Hollywood myth. I am inclined to agree with that. How can you love someone with out even saying hello or chatting with them. Although in this day in age you can easily be talking and chatting it up with some one with out ever actually ever meeting them. But would that really qualify as love at first sight.

Some say that love at first sight is where it is at. They say that it is like getting swept off your feet in an instant just my seeing someone. I know you can pay about $30 to get that feeling but not on just seeing some one. It is an interesting thing to hear some one to explain, love at first sight that is. And are they even experiencing love at all, or are they just infatuated? Do they even know what love fells like, and if they don't is that why they think they feel love at first sight?

Which leads to the last view on love, is that it doesn't even exist. In this idea, the whole world is full of lairs, cheaters and cynical people. I myself am a cynical person and find complete love a hard idea to grasp. Of coarse you can easily say that these people have never experienced love and in that case perhaps they will never. Or maybe they are right and the reason they have never felt love because it is just a massive disillusion, you know...like the patriarchy.

If you have any thing to say please do.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Dream On

I just recently have gotten Photo Shop CS3...never you mind where! But I have had it for about a month and have found that it is just such a good program!

It makes pictures look better and can make cool adds and cool filters and soo many things that I can't even comprehend! I have just barley gotten to the full power of CS3! It can do so many things, I am looking for excuses to use this glorious soft-ware!

Did I mention how much it is!? The soft-ware is like $150! Insane but I can see why! I could sit here all day saying how great CS3 is but if I type anymore I will sound too geeky, even too my normal geekyness....geekyness...is that a word? It should be!

Saturday, February 03, 2007


Top Jimmy

Well...its been about a month since I last blogged something because I have been very busy doing other things. I am 15 so school is one of them but again I'm 15 and of coarse I have a MySpace. The site is over deionized , never the less I can see what all the to-do is about. You can post pictures and chat with anyone...this of coarse can lead to some bad things and we know what they are so I don't really need to say them. But at the same time I think the people who are against MySpace should get a profile...But why Wil? You ask me...Well, I say, First those people who dislike MySpace dislike it for many reasons, one being quote "MySpace is full of old late 30's 40's men!" There are some on there and shame on them if they are talking to kids! I mean that is what we are talking about...NO? People talking online...ONLINE is the key word! I have seen some old men on there and they may be creepy but surely they aren't all child molesters and rapers! Hell I know some of them. To call every last one a child molester is unfair and immoral! And if there happens to be a child molestin' dirty old man on there and contacts your innocent little daughter/son they must add them to they're friends list then anwser messages and comments from this person. Then your innocent kid can't just be all "Hi!" and the molester say "Hey lets meet!" and then they do...

If your kid did its not anyones fault but theres...that would be void of common sense!

Before a predator can set a "play date" your kid will have to be saying things that would get the molester more convinced that they could do it. So your innocent little girl/boy isn't so innocent after all...they would have to talk about some sexually explicit things to get said predator goin'. Then your kid would have to be stupid enough to go and meet this person! At this point if your kid has done all this...that is just thinning the herd! If the child is stupid enough to add the predator and chat about stuff no child should chat about. Then meet up with this person, see them then think "Well...this is a good idea!" and then go with this person!

Enough of that...

Another thing they don't like is that you can post pictures up...well darn shootin' you can! Now they aren't allowed to be nude pictures by any means. Every picture is looked at and made sure that there is nothing that is going on. Again if there is a picture that is up that would get a molester's blood pumping it is not they're(the molester's) fault they saw it by no means. Think about who took the picture! You innocent kid now has taken a "good" picture and isn't again soo innocent!

What I am saying is that it is not fair to blame all of it on old people on MySpace, your kids didn't just sit there and say Hi then got a response saying that they should meet...no! Your kid had too post a picture to get the blood pumping the add the person ect. ect!

In closing re-think the MySpace thing and where you put the blame if there is any blame to be placed.

Look up H&R Puffin' Stuff if you are the sort to make sure I'm not just spewing bullshit every where. I have a MySpace.

If yuo have anything to add or ask or even contest...please do!

Saturday, January 06, 2007



So, You Just Took Your First Hit of Acid ...

The most important thing to remember is: you just took some acid. This might seem like an obvious point to you right now, but trust me – in a few hours you will find yourself asking, "What did I do to my brain? Is my brain broken? Am I going to think this way for the rest of my life?" Always remember: You took some acid. You will be fine. In about twelve hours. Probably.
The second most important thing to remember is: You took the acid on purpose. No one made you take it. The Merry Pranksters didn't slip some in your Kool Aide at a love-in: no -- you meant to take it. You wanted to feel this way. All this confusion -- the disorientation, the hallucinations (if you're lucky, and scored some good shit) -- this is what you wanted. This is what you planned for the evening. Acid is a lot like a Haunted House at Halloween – if you were just walking down the street and some dude in that mask from Scream jumped out at you with a knife – you would NOT enjoy it. But if you paid for it, and you knew it was supposed to be happening, it's a good time.
Acid is just a haunted house that's inside your head. That lasts for twelve hours. That you bought from some dude who's a friend of a friend. Good, laugh-at-the-carpet-for-four-hours-acid can be a real treat. (If you scored something else -- speed cut with Robotussin and God knows what else – less so. But try not to think about that right now. ) Either way – you already took it and there's nothing you can do about it now. Get that through your head, too. Say it out loud: "I just took acid, and there's nothing I can do about it now." Sometimes that helps.
Other things to remember: Often, when you do acid for the first time, there's some dude there who says something like: "hey, don't worry about it man, I've done a lot of acid, and I'll be your Tour Guide." Or your "Flight Attendant." Whatever happens – stay the fuck away from that dude. Sure, an experienced tripper is good to have around, but anybody offering that kind of help from the get-go is trouble. He's a sick, degenerate freak on a power trip, who'll take less acid than you just so he can get off on feeling superior, (which he never gets to do, unless surrounded by folks who are tripping their balls off.) The last thing you need is to have that smug little Charlie Manson wannabe around, telling you that "you're doing it wrong." Even if that not what he's saying, that's what he's thinking – (and on acid, there is no difference.)
Lastly: have some orange juice in the fridge. When you're a few hours into the trip, someone might remember "hey, I heard drinking orange juice increases the visuals." ("Visuals" is an acid term: a harmless enough sounding label that can mean anything from the walls appearing to breath, to your best friend's skin sliding off his face. One time the guy on the album cover of The Cramps' "Bad Music for Bad People" climbed off the LP, took me into a limousine and talked to me about Hell. He said it wasn't that bad. That's what I mean by "visuals.") Anyway, someone will remember that rumor about orange juice, and then you'll all go pour and drink some orange juice. Whether the rumor is true or not, the important thing is: You all got your shit together enough to pour and drink some orange juice – and at this stage, that'll feel like you've truly accomplished something. Something that was logistically as difficult as Operation Overlord on D-Day. And you pulled it off. You're fucking rocket scientists, and one day you'll be the ones people come to for answers and leadership.
Let's see… what else. Avoid things that might stress or freak you out. Like people, clocks, mirrors, urinals, the Printed Word, money, junk food, healthy food, and especially THE MAN. (think about how hard it is for me. I mean, I am THE MAN. Every time I look in the mirror, I'm face-to-face with THE MAN. It can be rough...
Oh, and I've known some folks who had a pretty rough time dealing with their cutlery drawer.
The most important thing: Enjoy the ups and downs. Enjoying starting to freak out that the confusion won't stop or even lighten up enough for you to enjoy your trip. Then enjoy pulling your shit together, and being filled with pride that you made it though the roughest patch of your young adult life. Then enjoy the fact that you didn't really "make it through" anything – you've just been sitting on the couch in silence for five minutes, and you still have 10 hours of this shit to go. Remember -- it's only the acid; you'll be just fine.
Oh – and don't try to cook anything in the oven. Bad idea – you'll forget it's in there. Order Dominoes. You won't be able to eat it, but at least the delivery boy will be a horrible Night-of-the-Living Dead looking nightmare, with acne so bad it's sliding into the pizza, and an accent that's so thick, you can't understand a fucking word he says – you can only give him your cash and lock the door in terror and confusion.
And that's always fun.

Sunday, December 17, 2006


Way Off Coarse

Hello all...

Well the holidays are upon us and again the CNNs and NBCs are talking about the Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday thing. Personally it wouldn't make a difference to me if some one greeted me Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah. I think that people just want to say something around this time of the year rather then good morning! You may know that most Wal-Mart (another time I will rip a new ass-hole for Wal-Mart) greeters are required to wish shoppers Merry Christmas. Now I don't know how to feel about this. Our country was founded under God and for very long time most of America worshiped God but this could be unconstitutional because no where in it does it say that people will be subject to any religion. Now I'm not saying that we should only say good morning do to the fact that Happy Holidays means holy days but we need to think of it like your rights end where mine or anyones begins. Now I do get tired of Happy Holidays when I get cards because I am a proud church goer and I like to be wished a Merry Christmas. But this is a free country so in that manner no one will be subject to any religion or belief.

I would like for some insight from anyone who reads this even if you are an asshat or don't have an account.

Monday, November 20, 2006


Spirit in the Sky

Many of you may know of this new sect of Christianity call Evangallism. Many of there thoughts are crazy but the crazest "Preacher" is Beky Ficher located in the mid-west. A documentary called "Jesus Camp" followed her and some kids who are common attenders of her Sunday service. In her church she focuses on preparing kids and I MEAN KID! Ages 5-14! To just about give there life in the presute of making America a fully Christion country. They call it taking America back for Christ. They also prase Bush as a holy man and that every thing he has done is perfect. Well I'll tell you what I think of him... he is the worst president we have ever had. He makes bad disitions and can barly talk in front of a camera. I have a 4 lettered word for him and it ain't BUSH. Get this they have a service where they do a laying of the hands on a card-baord cut out of Bush. Some times I wonder if the cut out would have worked better. Back to Becky, she runs a camp called Jesus Camp, hense the name of the movie, and those kids they follow go to the camp. There they literally live in what looks like a boot camp. Church every day and they get preached at for 1 hour by Becky. In this hour she tells them that they all are bad people if they have sinned once and that they must repent. The only way to do this is to speak in touges! These young kids know how to speak in touges! Becky is really good at what she does because she says " I can walk up to any kid and speak to them for half an hour and they will be seeing visions and hearing the voice of god. Well all I have to say is she must hold the world record for best brain washer. It may just be strange but the camp closed when the movie came out. The best part is that noone can sue the makers of the movie because they saw the rough cut and they said " Yeah, thats us, thats what were about." There is a part in the movie where Mr. Haggard talks to a full church of peple and he preaches that gays are bad and drugs are bad. Well after this was filmed he was on TV preaching and a man turned on his TV and saw Mr. Haggard saying hoe horrible gays and drugs are and thought wow that guy looks fermillary. After some time he thought..." I fucked him then sold him meth!" This man watching TV was a gay prostitue and a meth dealer. Mr. Haggard was then skrewed [no pun intended] the man told the news of Mr. Haggard and he fell from power in a record time. So in short... Beck in a brain washing insane person, look up Beck Ficher on Wikipedia.

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